Monday, July 24, 2006

Dishwashing and the Male Species

Man and woman are created equal, which is why women know exactly how to tackle a sink full of dishes, while men can't figure out where the faucet is. Never fear, The Guide is here.

If, like me, you happen to have a very helpful husband, you might want to read along and see what to expect on the short journey from clumsy-guy to Perfect HouseHusband.

Episode #1: Man locates plate. Man turns on cold water. Man runs plate under water and places wet plate in cabinet.

Intervention: Woman pours dishwashing liquid on to sponge, and hands sponge to Man.

Episode #2: Man accepts sponge. Man holds sponge in right hand, then takes spoon in left and proceeds to rub spoon on dormant sponge.

Intervention: Woman shows man how to rub sponge on utensil, and not viceversa.

Episode #3: Man rinses soapy spoon, and places it in drawer (possible inquiry as to nature of utensil- meat or dairy?).

Intervention: Woman removes wet spoon, and puts it on sparkling new Drying Rack.

Man will learn in no time at all.
Do try this at home, it's actually quite funny and I now have a very handy and helpful Hubby.


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