Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Living large in Switzerland

I came across a compatriot's letter to a journalist. In the missive, he describes the way his friends live in Lucerne, Switzerland. Ready for the figures? Here they come.

The writer's friend is a 30 year old High School teacher who earns 10.000 Sfr* (6200 Euro, or 8002.34 USD) a month. This is considered an average salary.
His wife is a hospital doctor who earns around 20.000 sfr per month. The couple enjoys a high quality of life in Lucerne: their monthly expenses total about 5,000 sfr, spent in this fashion (amounts refer to Swiss francs):

1400 for a 5 room apartment (that's not counting the bathrooms and kitchen), 150 for maintenance, electricity and phone (there is no gas), 600 for food etc, 800 for restaurants and cinema (at least twice a week), 300 for clothing.
We're up to 3250. The remaining 1750 include various expenses such as car insurance, gas, the gym, tennis club, two yearly trips, gifts, etc.
In short, the Swiss couple does not lack anything in life, yet these two manage to save about 25,000 sfr a month! That makes 186,000 sfr a year in savings. (Conve

Are you moving yet?

*Also known as CHF


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