Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Road Rage

Monsey wasn't built for non-driving women. There just aren't enough sidewalks, and mothers with strollers inevitable end up walking on the street. What really pissed me off though was when THREE women with strollers (one of which was a DOUBLE stroller) were walking side by side in suits and sneakers, chatting yentishly and taking up half of the right lane which I was driving on. I had to wait for the oncoming car on the left lane to pass by, then borrow that lane for a couple of seconds. I honked and and made a hand gesture trying to convey 'Have some brains and walk single file on the SIDEWALK which is right across the street from you, if you want to talk go home and pick up the phone!'

You know, I like to walk if I'm wearing the right shoes and as a former city girl I miss walking everywhere but this is not the freakin' city and while there are things I can tolerate, I will not tolerate this non-driving edict these people have, it makes zero sense and causes who knows how many heart attacks, what with the horrible Monsey drivers and their wives who are forced to march in middle of the road.


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