Sunday, April 12, 2009

Me Myself and I

Since nobody reads this blog I might as well treat it as a personal, albeit not private, diary. Or, as grown ups say, 'Journal'.
This is an entry about me, for me, dedicated to me.
It is about me shopping on Tuesday, finding a relatively cheap produce store for most of the fruits and vegetables I needed. It is about me running to the kosher supermarket for meat and fish and kosher le'Pesach salt and all those small things that make up a meal, spending $184 and consoling myself with the fact that other shoppers had many more things in their carts and were probably spending a minimum of $500, easy.
It's about me carefully selecting wine glasses, checking out various stores for the past few weeks, finally settling on a glass that turned out to be too big. Had I bought champagne flutes people would have complained all the same.

About my paycheck that finally arrives after two months and cannot be deposited because it has the wrong name on it.

This is about me standing and cooking all Wednesday, preparing for three guests, one of whom has antisocial habits such as not eating when everybody else does, this despite that the majority of Jewish socializing happens over food.

This is about relatives by marriage telling you not to buy pots for Pesach because they have so many extra ones you can borrow, but once you pick them up you are told to scrub them with Brillo pads after every single use, which you faithfully do despite all the burning cuts on your fingers from your new knives, afraid to be considered a bad DIL.

This is about my daughter, not a baby, not a toddler, sucking every ounce of strength out of me, depsite her sweetness and lovability, despite her precocious multilingual vocabulary, despite her deliciousness.
This is me wanting to lose weight, something I never had to worry about before.

This is me at 10:00 PM on a Sunday night with a screaming 20 month old on my lap.


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Just wanted to say that I read this and completely related to you.

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